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ILS is a management training institute, we provide affordable and highly effective training services to a wide range of clients that cuts across different divides. We offer varieties of training services to assist in developing our clients in any skills and knowledge of their choice as it relates to specific useful competencies; we want to help our clients develop their capability, capacity, productivity and performance.

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Our ranges of solutions are customized to your business needs, incorporating some or all of our learning tools and resources. Click the icons below to find out more about what we can do for you.

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  • The advance office management training was very enlightening and has helped me become more mindful of the impact of my communication with the team. It allowed me to see myself with a different perspective and have multiple ways of dealing with different kinds of people.
    Kinley Pemo
  • Training on Perseverance for Excellence had a very positive effect on my profession, as well as the employee that attended with me. The knowledge we gained in the training has allowed me to realize what I want to do with my daily life at work place. As a result, apart from professional experience I learned how to resolve conflicts with colleagues and how to work with bosses.
  • As I have to use google doc all the time, the training has made my day to day work very easy with google doc, slide and excel. Moreover, the report writing was also very effective to me and I can guarantee that I am on my way to perfect my report writing and presentation.
    Tshering Wangmo
  • During the training course I learnt what my leadership style is and how it affects my ability to lead. I also became aware of other leadership styles I could use. The session on Values was very thought-provoking, as I never realized until now how my values affect my decisions and behavior.
    Kinley Dorji