Training on Leadership

The 5 days training on Leadership for officials from Bumthang dzongkhag focused on the difference between leadership and management and the importantance to understand what makes a credible leader. Leadership is a skill that involves understanding a number of core management concepts, then being able to put these into practice. How to ‘master’ people management & team leadership can be taught and makes a tangible difference to the manager, the team and the organization.

This training introduced the fundamental principles of how to effectively manage people and lead teams, and show participants how to share their knowledge through active coaching and mentoring. At the end of the training, trainees were able to:

  • Understand role as manager and leader
  • Establish clear objectives and standards of performance for the teams
  • Manage workload using effective prioritization and delegation techniques
  • Maximize influencing skills through skilled communication
  • Build an effective team and exceed expectations
  • Develop practical leadership techniques to apply across their organization
  • Foster a performance-focused culture and lead a high-performing team
  • Adapt their communication style for different team members
  • Overcome resistance and deliver positive change in their organization